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  • Q. What are the courses conducted by Bali Yoga Studio?

    Bali Yoga Studio conducts various Registered Yoga Teacher Training Courses and programs. The courses are categorized on the basis of the level of practitioners. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course, 300 Hours Yoga TTC, 500 Hours Yoga TTC, and 3 Days Yoga Retreat Program are provided by us. The courses are certified with Yoga Alliance, USA and you will become eligible to register as an RYT after the completion.

  • Q. What are the languages used for teaching?

    Well! As people from different countries visit to learn yoga and spiritual practices, so, we use English as a medium of learning and communication. But, As you are learning it in India, so you will also come across many basic Hindi words like Namaste, Dhanywaad, etc.

  • Q. Are course materials like books or manuals included in the course fee?

    Yes, Basic course materials like books, notebooks, neti pot, and so are included in the course fee.

  • Q. What are the facilities provided during the stay at Bali Yoga Studio?

    All the general and even luxury facilities are included in the course fee. You will get to stay in spacious and clean private or shared rooms as per your choice. Three-times Sattvic meals, herbal drinks, snacks, Wifi, Clean drinking water, and other facilities are provided by us. Seasonal facilities like Water heaters, Geysers, and so on are also included.

  • Q. Are yoga essentials provided by the School?

    The school provides yoga mats and yoga props such as bolsters, straps, blocks, and chairs. These are used during the practical class and so are not allowed to carry back with the students.

  • Q. What are the ways to reach the school from Delhi Airport and Dehradun Airport?

    From Delhi Airport, one can take either a cab directly to the school or can take public transport like a Bus or Train to Rishikesh. From Rishikesh Bus Station or Train Station, you can book a cab to the school or take public transport to Tapovan. The free pickup facility from Dehradun airport is arranged by the school for their students.

  • Q. Does medical assistance is provided by the school, especially in the case of an emergency?

    Yes, the school will give you medical support and assistance but it is advised to carry essential medical aid with you, especially in the case of regular medications.

  • Q. What quality of meals and drinking water is available at the school?

    Yoga follows Sattvic Diet and so we, at Bali Yoga Studio provide healthy and tasty sattvic meals which are prepared in a clean and hygienic environment. It is good to go smoothly with your yoga journey. The food is vegetarian but in case of special needs, vegan/gluten-free meals can also be prepared.

    Talking about the drinking water, then there is no need to worry as the water is filtered.

  • Q. When to arrive and depart during the course period? Can I come earlier or stay after the course?

    You can arrive a day before the start of the course. If not possible, then it is expected to come at least before the opening ceremony as it marks your journey in the yoga course.

    Students can stay up to 2 days after the completion of the course. If someone wishes to stay more, then he/she can but at extra charge.

  • Q. How often do we get a day off, and what are some ideas to spend the day off?

    Sunday is the day off at Bali Yoga Studio. There are various ways to spend your one-day holiday by exploring local markets, rafting, dining cafes, visiting temples, ghats, Ganga aarti, and so on.

  • Q. Which visa to apply for?

    You can learn at the school by applying for a tourist visa.

  • Q. What do I need to carry?

    Well! There is everything available in the nearby shops and if you don't find them, the school will help you in getting the items you need. But as you are embarking on a new place, so, it is good to carry a few things of utmost importance and those which you think are not available at any other place than your city.

  • Q. Is the school campus secure?

    The school premises are very much secured and are under 24 h CCTV surveillance. Also, for security reasons, outsiders are not allowed on campus.

  • Q. Are transportation provided during excursions or for any other reasons?

    Excursions are included in the course, so, it is our duty to provide transportation for that and we do follow that duty. But if you need transportation for any personal reason, then we can provide you but that will be charged.

  • Q. How do enroll for the course? Is there any cancellation fee?

    You can simply book your spot for the course by filling out the application form. Click Here. You can simply need to pay 100 USD at the time of booking. Please note that the booking amount is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the course but if you want to reschedule your course date, then you can do that at any moment with the same booking amount.

  • Q. What are the modes of payment for the course?

    You can make the payment via PayPal and the remaining payment can be made during the time of arrival by cash, credit card, debit card, or other payment methods.

  • Q. Can I skip classes?

    It is only allowed to skip classes in case of an emergency and after taking permission from the respected teacher.

  • Q. Can this course be attended during pregnancy?

    This course can be too intense for someone who is pregnant so we do not allow that.

  • Q. Do I still get my certificate if I have to leave early? What are the other ways in which I can still complete my course?

    If one has to leave in case of an emergency, the school will conduct an examination for the student. You have to pass that in order to get the certificate. For further practice and knowledge, we will assist you.

  • Q. Is there any time restrictions in the school?

    Yes, you maintain discipline and dignity. Also, no one is allowed to go outside after 10 PM, and the same is applicable to those who are out of the campus area, they need to be in the school by 10 PM anyhow.

  • Q. Is it easy to get the money exchange, and how far is it from the school?

    Yes, you can easily exchange the money with various offices available a few km from the school.

  • Q. How safe is Rishikesh, particularly for a female traveler?

    Rishikesh is very safe for travelers than most cities. But one must still be cautious as they usually would.