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Food and Accommodation

at Bali Yoga Studio

Accommodation & Stay - Bali Yoga Studio

During the journey of Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Bali, you get to stay with us at the finest accommodation with all the facilities and amenities. There are comfortable and serene lodging options for students who are attending our courses or programs. Moreover, we prioritize creating an environment conducive to relaxation, mindfulness, and overall well-being. Upon arrival, you'll receive a warm welcome from our staff or instructors. We make sure to create a friendly atmosphere so that you can adjust without any issues. There will be an option to choose from private accommodation or a shared stay. You can get anyone you want, more, it will depend on availability.

Regardless of the type of accommodation, there are certain key considerations, we keep in mind while allotting you a room:

Inclusions: Attached Washroom, Private terraces, Spacious bathrooms, Free Wi-Fi

BYS Balcony
Twin Shared - Bali Yoga Studio
Shared Room Bali Yoga Studio
Bali Outside
Private Room
Yoga Shala
Nirmala Guest House

Food & Meals - Bali Yoga Studio

Food is an essential part of the overall yoga experience and typically supports the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the yoga practice.

At Bali Yoga Studio, we provide tasty and healthy food, prepared in a clean & hygienic environment. Keeping in mind the nutritional value of the food, we select the food items and offer them to you. You get three times meals included in the course fee with evening snacks and two times herbal drinks. Timings are pre-decided and you get these as per the schedule. We make sure to add those items of food which provide you enough energy to perform everyday tasks and of course, one which satisfies your tummy and taste buds. The food provided is truly vegetarian as it promotes physical health, mental clarity, and compassion for all living beings. At our yoga school, the Sattvic diet is encouraged. Sattva is one of the three Gunas (qualities of nature), and it represents purity, balance, and harmony.

If someone has any specific dietary requirement due to medical conditions or any other factor, then he/she can inform us and we make sure to serve you accordingly.

Highlights of food served:

Food at BYS